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Kia Electrical System Repairs Lehighton, PA

Thanks to brilliant minds like Ben Franklin, Nikola Tesla, and Thomas Edison, we can enjoy electricity almost anywhere and anytime – including when we drive our Kia. But when the electricity goes out, we feel a little lost without it. In the house, we can’t cook or watch our favorite episodes of The Office. When it comes to our Kia, we simply can’t drive anywhere if there is no electricity. 

So what causes electric problems in a Kia? As a vehicle ages, the electric wiring can wear out over time. This is a natural occurrence and can happen with any vehicle brand. Another cause (and more often than not) is some type of rodent – such as mice, rats, chipmunks, or squirrels – that make a nest amongst the wiring and chew them all up. 

If you suspect that your Kia is experiencing some electric problems, bring it to us right away! Here at Lehighton Kia, we do more than just sell new Kia vehicles. We also help you keep it dependable all year long by offering high-quality maintenance and repairs. Our technicians are experts in the architecture of each Kia vehicle and can quickly pinpoint any issues that should be taken care of. If you come to us for regular service like routine oil changes, we will be more than happy to look things over and if the electrical system is looking a little worn out, we will let you know and offer guidance on repairs. 

And if we find a rodent nest, our technicians are brave enough to get rid of the pests for you! 

To learn more about Kia electrical system maintenance and repairs, please contact our service department today! You can also easily schedule a service appointment by following the link below. Thanks and we look forward to helping you!



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