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DEEPEE 17 Aug 2019
The Lehighton Kia is a clean and lively place. Alex Oliveira made the wait for a new car and refinancing completely bearable and all in good humor. The people were easy going and extremely patient and helpful when I had a million questions. 10/10 would buy a car from again.
5 rate
Thomas13Gen 13 Aug 2019
Paul Drake really fought tooth-and-nail to help me out and get a car so I can get to work tomorrow he was an awesome guy the facility was very clean very kid friendly very good place to buy a car
5 rate
Juniito30 10 Aug 2019
It was an amazin and fantastic experience at Lehighton KIA where Alex Oliveira was of great assistence and help i would recommend everybody to come by
5 rate
William Brace 09 Aug 2019
I was looking to trade my 2015 Chevy Sonic LTZ due to the amount I was paying a month and the upkeep, which was basically inflating the month price to the point of not wanting the vehicle and the car only had 48,155. That is really sad especially for a vehicle that is american made according to the I made an inquiry to Lehighton KIA and spoke to Ramon Suncar. I informed him that I was having a very hard time getting out of the loan due to being 4 to 5 G's upside down but he convinced me to come up. He also informed that they were having an event and It would end on 8-3-19 saturday, so I decide to show up and so did a lot of others. I did all the normal items as per usually when trying to get a car loan. Because of all the people that turned up all sales people were stretched thin and that is putting it mildly. After waiting a very long time I got news that I never expected and I was in total shock that I got approved. My first reaction was and I said this to Ramon Suncar xxx!? I thought that I miss heard because I have tried so many times and all ended up in automatic failure and time wasted but not here. At the end of the day on saturday nothing was signed as a done deal but they put a dealer plate on it, filled it up with fuel and said come back monday 8-5-19 to sign the paperwork. For sunday I got to drive the new car on a few errands and it was awesome almost unreal. Monday came did some more nogations "If you don't ask you'll never know and or find out" signed the paperwork and processed my down payment. Reviewed a few things paperwork wise and while that was going on the car was being detailed and filled up with gas again. The whole process took 12 to 13 Hrs between Saturday and Monday and I live an 1Hr away but, in the end it was completely worth it and I would do it again if I had to without question. I would like to give a big thank you to Ramon Suncar for listening to my needs of what I require in a vehicle and also a big thank you to Ramon Roedan for playing hard ball with the banks but between proof of income and assets you made it work. No other dealership compares to Lehighton Kia for their work ethics / customer service. The level of service that they provide is unreal even when your really credit challenged. This is why I call Lehighton KIA "The real deal straight shooters no nonsense dealership" In Conclusion, I refuse to go to a different dealership period, they have a customer for life Thank you, William Brace Show more
5 rate
JoyceLKiaS2020 04 Aug 2019
My visit was just to see if I can trade in my old care and get a new car with a lower monthly payment. The 2 days with Cody was great although he was super busy and running around, he still made things easy by briefing Ramon (manager) on all what I was looking for. He is a great person, was very fri...endly with my kids and love what he does. With his help we went home with a new car at a lower monthly payment than what I had, He even installed my 2 car seats for me...nice. Thanks Cody and keep doing what you doing. Show more
5 rate
Mshelly1210 03 Aug 2019
Cody went out of his way to make sure we got into a new car! So helpful! He worked with the budget we had and made it happen!
5 rate
Wayne langdon 02 Aug 2019
They have wonderful staff and everyone here was extremely nice they helped get my family all hooked up with cars without very much hassle or trouble
5 rate
Alyssa Dach 01 Aug 2019
Customer service was great when we were there on a very busy Saturday. Cody got us exactly what we were looking for, had a great personality, very thorough and was an all around warm and inviting salesman... I highly suggest asking for him. We have a warranty on the car and brought it back to be se...rviced and it’s worth noting the service at this dealership is stellar. Exceptional customer service, got us in a rental and the car looked pristine when we got it back. All around great dealership worth 5 stars!! Thank you for your service! Show more
5 rate
Kia2020 31 Jul 2019
I just want to take the time to say thank u to Lehighton Kia and the one and only Cody and also Brandon I believe was the financial guy but all the hard work and they got me a brand new car and I love I am a proud owner of a 2020 Kia Soul and I love it thanks to you dealership and the two guys that me in it ?????????? ten thumbs up Show more
5 rate
They where very nice and helpful. They made sure I understood everything before I left. Everybody there is very nice and Raymond was very helpful and understanding.
5 rate
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