What Fluid is My Kia Leaking and How Soon Do I Need to Repair It?

By Product Expert | Posted in Maintenance on Friday, March 8th, 2019 at 7:09 pm
Rainbow-colored oil slick on the ground with "Should I Be Driving With This Leak?"

5 Common Auto Fluid Leaks and Their Emergency Level of Repair

Over the years, Kia’s quality has improved tremendously, and today’s models are lauded as some of the best when it comes to dependability. However, you might occasionally experience little hiccups here and there that can be fixed at the Lehighton Kia service center. Some of the most common hiccups are fluid leaks. These leaks can spell vehicle trouble if they are not taken care of. Let us offer a color guide to help you diagnose the leak and decide how soon you should bring it in!

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Color Guide for Auto Leaks

Oil on the ground


Color: Black, dark brown, amber, or rainbow

How Soon a Repair is Needed: Depends on the amount of oil on the ground. If it is a little bit, you should be fine for a while but should regularly check your oil level. If there is a large pool, bring your vehicle to us for a repair.

Coolant on the ground


Color: Slimy bright green, pink, or yellow

How Soon a Repair is Needed: Immediately! Not having enough coolant can mean an overheated and ruined engine!

Transmission fluid on the ground

Transmission Fluid

Color: Green or red and usually occurs near the middle of your vehicle

How Soon a Repair is Needed: Not as imperative as a coolant or brake fluid leak but should be dealt with sooner rather than later.

Power steering fluid on the ground

Power Steering Fluid

Color: Red, pink, or clear and usually occurs near the front of the vehicle

How Soon a Repair is Needed: A trickle should be fine for a little while. Come to our service center right away if there is a pool. Driving without any power steering fluid can make turning very difficult and can potentially ruin other components under the hood.

Brake fluid on the ground

Brake Fluid

Color: Brown with a slick texture

How Soon a Repair is Needed: Call a tow truck immediately and get the leak fixed before driving your vehicle again!

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