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Shop for a New Kia During Our Holiday Sticker Sales Event!

Tuesday, November 19th, 2019
Two women shopping during the year-end holiday season

Kia Holiday Sticker Sales Event 2019 in Lehighton, PA

Here at Lehighton Kia, we are really starting to get into the upcoming holiday season. Many of us have started shopping for gifts, and we have been so excited to visit Target and other big-box retailers because they have so many cute and fun items to help us deck the halls! Whether you are staying close to Lehighton this holiday season or are planning to go far away to visit relatives, you want a reliable and stylish vehicle that is easy on the budget. (more…)

Enjoy Your Remaining Summer Days in an Affordable New Kia!

Monday, July 15th, 2019
Couple holding the keys to their vehicle

Kia Sales and Incentives July 2019 Lehighton, PA

Hey Kia fans! We took a look at the calendar today and saw that we are now halfway through July – and thus halfway through the summer. While we are kind of bummed out about that, we do know that there is still enough time to do those road trips! If you need a reliable new vehicle for your summer road trip, look no further than Kia! While any Kia vehicle is great for a summer road trip, models like the Soul, Sorento, Sedona, and the all-new Telluride continue to be popular. (more…)

Shop at Lehighton Kia During the Summer Sticker Sales Event!

Monday, May 13th, 2019
Woman with a set of car keys

May 2019 Kia Sales in Lehighton, PA

When we were kids, we always got excited over stickers – especially when they were from Lisa Frank. To be honest, our love of stickers hasn’t gone away despite the fact that we are now adults (and may even have a few gray hairs coming in). Good thing, because Kia is currently offering a nation-wide sales event with special deals that you can find right here at Lehighton Kia! (more…)

Shop During Our Presidents’ Day Sale and Save on a New Kia!

Friday, February 15th, 2019
Mount Rushmore during the golden hour

New Kia Specials Available February 2019 at Lehighton Kia

The winter season can be tough on our finances. First, there is the holiday season and the need to spend-spend-spend on gifts and specialty foods. Then we are bombarded by polar vortexes and snowstorm after snowstorm. This means that our heating bill will skyrocket, or we might even be forced to replace our furnace. To make matters worse, we have been needing a new car for a while and all those winter season expenses keep biting into our savings. Luckily, you can save when you shop during our Presidents’ Day Sale! (more…)

Make the Season Bright in a New Kia!

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018
Up-close image of holiday lights

Kia Light Up the Holidays Sales Event 2018 Lehighton, PA

It’s that time of year again: the holiday season! Here at Lehighton Kia, we are excited to eat our body weight in cookies and other treats, along with doing some road tripping to the locations of our favorite Christmas movies in the 2019 Kia Sorento. We also love this time of year because we get to participate in Kia’s annual Light Up the Holidays Sales Event! This year, we have some amazing deals for you to take advantage of! (more…)

Save Big This Summer When You Shop at Lehighton Kia!

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018
Young adults jumping into a lake during the summer

Kia America’s Best Value Summer Event 2018 in Lehighton, PA

In a general sense, the summer season can be quite expensive. The kids now require full-time childcare, gas prices are going up, and your utility bills are skyrocketing due to the increased use of water and air conditioning. But there is one thing that will be easier on the budget this summer – and that is a new Kia model! Here at Lehighton Kia, we are currently hosting the Kia America’s Best Value Summer Event 2018, where you can find awesome deals on your next vehicle. (more…)

Celebrate Presidents’ Day in a New Kia from Our Dealership!

Thursday, February 8th, 2018
Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills of South Dakota

Lehighton Kia Presidents’ Day Sale 2018

When it comes to February holidays, Valentine’s Day typically rules supreme. But here at Lehighton Kia, we love Presidents’ Day because it is the perfect time to offer a new Kia vehicle to you at a great price. This year, we have some awesome deals for you to take advantage of, and we are excited to share them with you! (more…)

What Song is Playing in the 2017 Kia Light Up the Holidays Sales Event Commercial?

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017
Strand of colorful C9 holiday lights

2017 Kia Light Up the Holidays Sales Event Commercial Song and Artist

If you haven’t heard, we are currently participating in the 2017 Kia Light Up the Holidays Sales Event, where you can find great deals on several models in the Kia lineup. Kia is definitely getting in the spirit of the season and released an awesome commercial to coordinate with the sales event! Check it out below! (more…)

Save Big on a New Kia With Lehighton Kia During the Summer On Us Sales Event!

Thursday, June 15th, 2017
2017 Kia Summer On Us Sales Event Near Lehighton, PA

2017 Kia Summer On Us Sales Event Near Lehighton, PA

“I’ll finally see a summer breeze blow away a winter storm, and find out what happens to solid water when it gets warm, and I can’t wait to see what my buddies all think of me! Just imagine how much cooler I’ll be in summer!” Olaf the snowman from Disney’s Frozen sums up our sentiments about summer perfectly. And just imagine how much cooler YOU will be this summer in a new Kia vehicle! Right now, we are hosting the 2017 Kia Summer On Us sales event, and we invite you to come shop with us and save big on some of our favorite Kia models! (more…)