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Kia Vehicle Storm Damage Repairs Lehighton, PA

While the summer season is renowned for sunny days, the worst storms of the year can also occur during this time. Sure, we love a great lightning show and we love the anxiety we feel when the skies get really ominous and the thunder becomes deafening. But we know that really severe thunderstorms and tornados can easily damage your vehicle. This damage can include burn spots from lightning strikes, dents from falling hail, shattered windows and puncture wounds from flying debris, crushed roofs and hoods from fallen trees or light poles, and even crumpled vehicles wrapped around trees caused by EF5 tornados. 

Here at Lehighton Kia, we might not see as many epic storms and tornados as the states in the Great Plains (AKA Tornado Alley) do, but we know that when conditions are just right, storms that cause serious damage can occur right here in eastern Pennsylvania. While not much can be done for the crumpled vehicles other than purchasing a replacement once the insurance check arrives (we can help you find the perfect vehicle from our new Kia inventory), we can help make repairs on minor and moderate damage. At our in-house service center, our highly-skilled technicians can help smooth out those dents caused by hail and give your Kia a fresh paint job so it will look good as new. They can also patch up those puncture wounds and replace the windows if need be. When we are finished repairing your Kia vehicle after the biggest storm of the season, you will never know that it had previously sustained substantial damage. 

To learn more about Kia vehicle storm damage repairs, please contact us or visit our service department today! We are located at 1502 Blakeslee Boulevard Drive in Lehighton, PA. Thanks and we look forward to helping you get back out on the road! 



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